E-Z MIX® Cups Instructions

Instructions on how to use E-Z MIX® Cups

Find the ratio on the side of the cup across the top, that you’ll need. In some cases you will have to break down the ratio to the lowest common denominator. Fill the product to a number in the 1st column depending on how much you are mixing. If you need very little product use the #1’s. To mix a lot use the biggest numbers. For example, let’s say you’ll need a medium size amount so you will use the #3’s. Fill to the 3 in the first column, then go to the second column and fill to the #3 and if it is a 3-stage ratio go to the third column and fill to the #3.

Paint Activator ReducerIf your ratio is not on the cup, you can use the scale from 1-10 on side. These are equal parts or you could use the ounces or mL scales. Don’t see the ratio you need or need further assistance? Please call us at 1-800-322-5651.

Popular Mixing Ratios on the E-Z MIX® Cups

Our E-Z MIX Cups include Popular Ratios like:

1:1:50% 2:1:10% 2:1:25% 2:1:30%
2:1:1 2:1:2 3:1:½ 3:1:1
4:1:½ 4:1:1 4:1:2 5:1:1
6:1:1 8:1:1

And many more!