Quantity: 50/Box
SKU: 70064L
SKU: 70064L

You've found the solution to saving money on mixing paints with the E-Z MIX Disposable Mixing Cups. E-Z MIX Disposable Mixing Cups can save you 50% and more over the cost of metal cans. So, "Kick the Can" and try E-Z MIX Disposable Mixing Cups today!

E-Z MIX is a NEW Concept in Paint Mixing Systems.

E-Z MIX Cups are:

  • Recommended by the Major Paint Companies
  • Available in the most popular mixing ratios
  • Environmentally smart
  • Economical for today's business environment
  • The answer to eliminating those awkward mixing sticks
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
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